Be The Match

Hi Texas HOSA! This year is the year to bring Be The Match to each and every chapter. The State team hopes to increase donations by 10% and it all starts with YOU! Be The Match is a network of donors, volunteers, medical experts, and researchers that helps patients get the crucial bone marrow transplants they need. By matching patients with a donor for
a life-saving marrow transplant, Be The Match will assist those with blood malignancies that are terminal. Throughout this, Be The Match will provide support to patients and their families to ensure a safe transplant journey. Be The Match has facilitated more than 120,000 blood stem cell transplants and 6,714 transplants last year to give patients hope for the future. Start your Be The Match journey by going to to get started! The Be The Match website has everything you could ever need to get started on including
Be The Match into a chapter’s normal HOSA meetings!

Things to Note:
-Every chapter MUST re-register their chapter every year to create accurate donation reading!
-Donations and adding people to the register both count towards points on the Be The Match leaderboard! The more points the better so make sure to stay active on your Be The Match account!
-Fundraisers can be swabbing events! Building care Kits or something of service, not just collecting donations!Always remember “Swab For The Culture. Save A Life.”
-Students who earn 20 or more service hours can earn a cord for graduation!
-Be The Match helps thousands so be one of hundreds that contributes

For HOSA members, the new school year is not just about textbooks and exams or returning to the classroom; it’s a chance to take one step closer to their dreams of making a difference in the world of healthcare. With a strong commitment to personal growth, skill development, and community service, HOSA empowers its members to become the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. As these dedicated students embark on their journey back to school, they do so with a clear vision and a burning passion to create a healthier and more compassionate world.