So, your chapter has successfully set up a Be the Match fundraising page– now what? You can start raising money, but don’t forget to help promote the registryu itself! It may seem irrelevant since so many students are under 18 and therefore inelegible to swab, but there are so many community members who can jhoin through your chapter’s outreach. Let’s discuss exactly how your chapter can start this life-saving mission:

1. When you set up yout chapter page, the team captain should receive an email from [email protected] that includes the name of you Be the MAtch representative. This representative is your lifeline to accessing swabs and any other drive needs. Make sure you communicate wityh them the “where, when, whats” of each drive thay you coordinate.

2. Before you can guide other on how to swab, make sure you’re educated on the process yourself. It begins with a questionnaire to snure the potential donor is elegible, and at the very end it will ask whether the person is swabbing at an event or to send a swab kit to their house. If you have a swab kit ready, make sure they choose to swab at that event! This makes it easier for everyone. The swab process itself is a simple 10 second-per-cheek process. To visualize, check out this video from Be The Match. Remember, you are not swabbing the donors themselves; you are just there to guide them through the process and collec the envelopes upon completion.

Now you and your chapter know how to collect swabs.


3. Next, bnrainstorm what events nearby could possibly have elegible people. Maybe start by recruiting teachers at your school, or tabling at senior nights or events. Reach out to the broader community by tabling at local fairs or community events. The possibilities are endless, but remember to always keep your representative in the loop with updates.

4. Each registration you obtain will be counted towards your chapter’s incentives (1 received registration=10 chapter points) if the potential donors use your unique chapter code; however, don’t forget to log volunteers hours on the HOSA Activity Tracking System to get the full credit your chapter deserves!


If you have people under 18 interested, still have them go to your registration website. There will be an under-18 button that will alow them to pre-register! No guardians need to be present when they join the pre-registry, as it will send the parents an automatic consent form virtually uopn submission. Be the Match will mail a swab kit to their house once they turn 18!
Be Ready to answer people’s questions about the registry. Many people are concerned with how the donation process goes, how matching occurs, and if it costs them anything. If people aren’t 100% committed to donating in the future, don’t pressure them into joining. If they do end up a match for a patiene, we do not want them to deny the donation down the road. Instead, refer them to further information via a pamphlet or the Be the Match website. More information about their commitment will help them feel confident in their decision to join the registry. If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up swabbing events, view an in-depth webinar here.