Richardson High School’s Dinner in a Box Project

Last spring, Melissa Thurman along with the RHS HOSA officers planned the Richardson community service project, Dinner in a Box. This community based project encouraged citizens of the Richardson/DFQ community to donate food ingredients, which allowed low income families to enjoy authenthic recipes. Canned ingredients were put in a box with cooking instruictions inside, from there, these boxes were distributed to local homeless shelters across DFW. Through this project over fifty families were able to enjoy meals such as spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, barley soup, rice, chili, and apple pie!

Paving The Way for Inclusivity: Marshall Law & Medical Services High School

“At Marshall, we value inclusivity extremely highly, which is a demonstrated in our HOSA chapter. The treasurer of our chapter, Addison MArvin, is deaf. When she became elected as treasurer, we became increasingly more aware of different situations students had that were not as common as others. We have made her feel welcomed and accepted in different ways, and she uses her own accommodations like taking an interpreter with her to meetings, events and conferences. This fall at the Fall Leadership Conference, Addison took two interpreters with her and ended up meeting another dedaf girl, Mikayla, at the conference as well. In order to better accommodate their similar needs, Addison’s lunch time was switched to be the same as Mikayla’s, so that all the interpreters could work together and rotate taking breaks. All of us in the Marshall chapter are becoming more mindful of ways to help Addison with inclusivity so as to embrace this unique situation and be open to more in the future.”

-Marshall HS Law & Medical Services High School HOSA VP Valerie Villarreal