What Event Is Right For You?

With competition season approaching, you may be researching competitive events. A good place to start is knowing your own strengths! Each event category is connected to a set of abilities. You could take a test, demonstrate healthcare skills, or give a presentation. The next factor to consider is if you want to compete individually or with a team. Health Science, Health Professions, and Leadership Events only involve one person. Certain Emergency Preparedness Events and Teamwork Events are done with a group. The following link is a flowchart to choose an event:


For The Test Takers

Health Science Events involve taking a knowledge test on a chosen subject. Topics range from Medical Terminology to Medical Law and Ethics. This category is a perfect fit for people who love learning new information about the healthcare field through textbooks and readings.


For Healthcare Skill

Health Professions Events consist of two rounds: a knowledge test and a skills test. The knowledge test is over the profession. The top ten scorers for each event will advance to the Spring Leadership Conference where they will demonstrate a series of skills. The skills and rubrics are provided at guidelines. There are two new events for this year: Respiratory Therapy and Phlebotomy.


For Skills And Presentations

If you want to show off your healthcare skills, Emergency Preparedness Events is the category for you. For example, some events, such as CERT Skills, CPR/First Aid, and Emergency Medical Technician, involve a knowledge test and skills. As an alternative, you can do presentation-based events including Mental Health Promotion, MRC Partnership, and Public Health.


For The Solo Competitors

Leadership Events are individual events that involve a presentation. They range from Job Seeking Skills to Health Career Photography. There are also events that involve reading, writing, and speaking in this category. These are perfect events for members who want to get creative and enjoy competing individually

For The Teams

Teamwork Events are similar to Leadership Events. The main difference is they are completed with multiple competitors. For the problem solvers, Biomedical Debate, Forensic Science, Creative Problem Solving, and Medical Innovation may be the right fit. If your interests lie in teaching, Health Education is the one for you! If you love a challenge and want to test your knowledge, HOSA Bowl and Parliamentary Procedure are great options. These events are fit for competitors who enjoy working with others and like to think on their feet.

For Middle School Members: 

This category is specifically for middle schoolers to join the competition spirit! There are events in Leadership, Teamwork, Recognition, and Health Science. These events will help middle school members get a head start in the foundations of all things competition in HOSA.

Closing Thoughts

 For more information, visit guidelines to learn more about each competitive event. Also check  hosa.org for information on how the event will look at state level