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Online Testing Update

Dates & Time

Begin your HOSA Competitive Event journey by starting your online testing. Students and advisors remember the online testing registration deadline is November 15, 2023. All areas will begin testing from November 28th – 30, 2023. The testing times will be from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central Time). Accommodations forms must be completed by November 15, 2023. Students requesting accommodations will take their online test on December 1, 2023 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Remember to clarify with your advisor the timing and location you are scheduled for.


The online test will have information regarding the event you have chosen. Take time to studyyour assigned books individually or with your team. Use your own methods of studying and get enough rest prior to the rest. Refer to the Texas HOSA Handbook: Section G explaining the updated procedures for online testing.


Each of the Areas will have their own section on the Texas HOSA Website to post the online testing results. Keep in mind some events advance straight to the state level or area level. Check your area to find out whether you have advanced in your event!

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How to Set up Swab Events

So, your chapter has successfully set up a Be the Match fundraising page– now what? You can start raising money, but don’t forget to help promote the registryu itself! It may seem irrelevant since so many students are under 18 and therefore inelegible to swab, but there are so many community members who can jhoin through your chapter’s outreach. Let’s discuss exactly how your chapter can start this life-saving mission:

1. When you set up yout chapter page, the team captain should receive an email from [email protected] that includes the name of you Be the MAtch representative. This representative is your lifeline to accessing swabs and any other drive needs. Make sure you communicate wityh them the “where, when, whats” of each drive thay you coordinate.

2. Before you can guide other on how to swab, make sure you’re educated on the process yourself. It begins with a questionnaire to snure the potential donor is elegible, and at the very end it will ask whether the person is swabbing at an event or to send a swab kit to their house. If you have a swab kit ready, make sure they choose to swab at that event! This makes it easier for everyone. The swab process itself is a simple 10 second-per-cheek process. To visualize, check out this video from Be The Match. Remember, you are not swabbing the donors themselves; you are just there to guide them through the process and collec the envelopes upon completion.

Now you and your chapter know how to collect swabs.


3. Next, bnrainstorm what events nearby could possibly have elegible people. Maybe start by recruiting teachers at your school, or tabling at senior nights or events. Reach out to the broader community by tabling at local fairs or community events. The possibilities are endless, but remember to always keep your representative in the loop with updates.

4. Each registration you obtain will be counted towards your chapter’s incentives (1 received registration=10 chapter points) if the potential donors use your unique chapter code; however, don’t forget to log volunteers hours on the HOSA Activity Tracking System to get the full credit your chapter deserves!


If you have people under 18 interested, still have them go to your registration website. There will be an under-18 button that will alow them to pre-register! No guardians need to be present when they join the pre-registry, as it will send the parents an automatic consent form virtually uopn submission. Be the Match will mail a swab kit to their house once they turn 18!
Be Ready to answer people’s questions about the registry. Many people are concerned with how the donation process goes, how matching occurs, and if it costs them anything. If people aren’t 100% committed to donating in the future, don’t pressure them into joining. If they do end up a match for a patiene, we do not want them to deny the donation down the road. Instead, refer them to further information via a pamphlet or the Be the Match website. More information about their commitment will help them feel confident in their decision to join the registry. If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up swabbing events, view an in-depth webinar here.

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Richardson High School’s Dinner in a Box Project

Richardson High School’s Dinner in a Box Project

Last spring, Melissa Thurman along with the RHS HOSA officers planned the Richardson community service project, Dinner in a Box. This community based project encouraged citizens of the Richardson/DFQ community to donate food ingredients, which allowed low income families to enjoy authenthic recipes. Canned ingredients were put in a box with cooking instruictions inside, from there, these boxes were distributed to local homeless shelters across DFW. Through this project over fifty families were able to enjoy meals such as spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, barley soup, rice, chili, and apple pie!

Paving The Way for Inclusivity: Marshall Law & Medical Services High School

“At Marshall, we value inclusivity extremely highly, which is a demonstrated in our HOSA chapter. The treasurer of our chapter, Addison MArvin, is deaf. When she became elected as treasurer, we became increasingly more aware of different situations students had that were not as common as others. We have made her feel welcomed and accepted in different ways, and she uses her own accommodations like taking an interpreter with her to meetings, events and conferences. This fall at the Fall Leadership Conference, Addison took two interpreters with her and ended up meeting another dedaf girl, Mikayla, at the conference as well. In order to better accommodate their similar needs, Addison’s lunch time was switched to be the same as Mikayla’s, so that all the interpreters could work together and rotate taking breaks. All of us in the Marshall chapter are becoming more mindful of ways to help Addison with inclusivity so as to embrace this unique situation and be open to more in the future.”

-Marshall HS Law & Medical Services High School HOSA VP Valerie Villarreal

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Which Event Is Right For You?

What Event Is Right For You?

With competition season approaching, you may be researching competitive events. A good place to start is knowing your own strengths! Each event category is connected to a set of abilities. You could take a test, demonstrate healthcare skills, or give a presentation. The next factor to consider is if you want to compete individually or with a team. Health Science, Health Professions, and Leadership Events only involve one person. Certain Emergency Preparedness Events and Teamwork Events are done with a group. The following link is a flowchart to choose an event:


For The Test Takers

Health Science Events involve taking a knowledge test on a chosen subject. Topics range from Medical Terminology to Medical Law and Ethics. This category is a perfect fit for people who love learning new information about the healthcare field through textbooks and readings.


For Healthcare Skill

Health Professions Events consist of two rounds: a knowledge test and a skills test. The knowledge test is over the profession. The top ten scorers for each event will advance to the Spring Leadership Conference where they will demonstrate a series of skills. The skills and rubrics are provided at guidelines. There are two new events for this year: Respiratory Therapy and Phlebotomy.


For Skills And Presentations

If you want to show off your healthcare skills, Emergency Preparedness Events is the category for you. For example, some events, such as CERT Skills, CPR/First Aid, and Emergency Medical Technician, involve a knowledge test and skills. As an alternative, you can do presentation-based events including Mental Health Promotion, MRC Partnership, and Public Health.


For The Solo Competitors

Leadership Events are individual events that involve a presentation. They range from Job Seeking Skills to Health Career Photography. There are also events that involve reading, writing, and speaking in this category. These are perfect events for members who want to get creative and enjoy competing individually

For The Teams

Teamwork Events are similar to Leadership Events. The main difference is they are completed with multiple competitors. For the problem solvers, Biomedical Debate, Forensic Science, Creative Problem Solving, and Medical Innovation may be the right fit. If your interests lie in teaching, Health Education is the one for you! If you love a challenge and want to test your knowledge, HOSA Bowl and Parliamentary Procedure are great options. These events are fit for competitors who enjoy working with others and like to think on their feet.

For Middle School Members: 

This category is specifically for middle schoolers to join the competition spirit! There are events in Leadership, Teamwork, Recognition, and Health Science. These events will help middle school members get a head start in the foundations of all things competition in HOSA.

Closing Thoughts

 For more information, visit guidelines to learn more about each competitive event. Also check for information on how the event will look at state level

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What Is Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness? (CCTE)

Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted and over 80% of victims are perpetrated by someone they know

Stressing the importance of Sexual Assault Awareness and consent is so vital because it allows a victim to be heard and have a voice. On September 28th , Center for Career and Technology Education hosted their Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness presentation with speakers from Center Against Sexual & Family Violence. HOSA members learned consent is one way we can all maintain healthy relationships and make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable, and respected. We must make sure consent is expressed verbally or through non-verbal cues, such as positive body language like smiling, maintaining eye contact, and nodding. A “maybe” is never a “yes”! CCTE HOSA is taking a big step in bringing awareness to Sexual Assault as they move forward. They are eager and ready to educate others on consent in their community